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If FCC has made an impact on your life as a former or current camper, staffer, coach, parent or friend then we are asking you to be part of our historic “FCC4Life" Campaign. This campaign will allow us to expand locally and internationally with FCC and Impact. We feel that Impact Cheerleading is a big part of our future and this campaign will provide the funding to market and train future leaders in new locations around the country and the world. We pray that God will bless you for your annual FCC4Life Gift to the Fellowship of Christian Cheerleaders.

Recent Donations

Name Amount Comment
Dr. Sonny And Debbie Sherrill $1,000.00 #FCC4LIFE
Mickey Farris $1,000.00 #FCC4LIFE
Jimmy Bagley $500.00 FCC #4Life
Susan Clark $1,000.00
Morris Tolly $250.00
Veronica Roggemann $500.00
Dr. And Mrs. Sherrill $1,000.00
Cary Coleman $2,000.00 #FCC4LIFE
Gene Tolly $250.00 From the Tolly's
Madison Flynt $10.00
Veronica Roggemann $750.00
Lydia West $10.00 ACA
Lexy Deshumo $10.00 ACA
Bobbi Ward $10.00 ACA
Kaylee Hutzler $10.00 ACA
Ashley Wilhelm $10.00 Asheville